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Update Timestamp of files in Checked-out Git Repository

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Arduino IDE on 64bit openSUSE

Arduino is a tool for making computers that can sense and control more of the physical world than your desktop computer. It’s an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board, and a development environment for writing software … Continue reading

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openSUSE “Packaging Day II”

Ever had problems finding a package for your favorite application for your favorite distro? Are you an application developer or project contributor, and want to learn how to provide binary packages for all the popular distros (including openSUSE) automatically? Using … Continue reading

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Importing TV shows into Mythtv

I have been using the popular open source multimedia programme called mythtv for a while now. Apart from recording my favourite TV shows, I also utilise the various modules like mythmusic, mythnews, mythvideo and mythweb. Though you can use mythvideo … Continue reading

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Automate SSH logins with RSA/DSA keys

Often when you are administrating remote Linux servers, you tend to login to the servers via your favorite shell. And every time when you login you are prompted for a user name + password to authenticate your session. This gets … Continue reading

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qBittorrent v1.0.0 Release

qBittorrent is a Bittorrent client using C++ / libtorrent and a Qt4 Graphical User Interface. Its been under heavy development for a full year now and finally its maturing into one of the best torrent clients out there. I am … Continue reading

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Could not find the OpenSUSE installation CD

If you have a Core 2 Duo/Quad capable motherboard and are getting an error message about the OpenSUSE installer not being able to find the CD/DVD after you have already booted from it, the problem is likely with your IDE … Continue reading

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Escaping SSH shell from dropped network connections

If you have ever been SSH’ed into a server when your network connection drops, you would have noticed that your shell terminal is completely locked up, you can’t even CTRL+C to get out of it. If you would like to … Continue reading

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Software Tools for the Freedom lovers

Over the years of being a Linux user, I must admit that I will never turn back to being a Windows user again. If I want to do get something done on my favorite Linux distribution, there is a tool … Continue reading

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