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MySQL Date Age Calculation

I have always had the need to calculate the age as year and month from a MySQL field of type date. No doubt you can achieve this with a bit of PHP, but when you require to do the conversion … Continue reading

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MySQL Forge is Open

Use the Forge! The Forge: home of MySQL Community MySQL Forge is the place where MySQL AB, the company behind the popular Open Source Database (MySQL) and the community meet and work together. If you have a cool project? Give … Continue reading

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MySQL Database backup script

This script I have here has saved me a number of times from embarrassment. Many a times I happened to have “accidently” dropped an entire database (in phpmyadmin) while wanting to drop only a few tables. Apparently the big-fat “drop” … Continue reading

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Re-setting Mysql root password

If you have never set a root password for your MySQL database, then the server will not require a password at all for connecting as root. It is recommended to always set a password for each user and more importantly … Continue reading

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