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Trigger build of Debian package for Git Jenkins CI

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Install PDT for Adobe Flash Builder

I have come across several people trying to do this in a convoluted way. Here is the simple way of adding PDT to your Flash Builder IDE. Since current Flash Builder is basically built on Eclipse Galileo, you just have … Continue reading

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openSUSE “Packaging Day II”

Ever had problems finding a package for your favorite application for your favorite distro? Are you an application developer or project contributor, and want to learn how to provide binary packages for all the popular distros (including openSUSE) automatically? Using … Continue reading

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qBittorrent v1.0.0 Release

qBittorrent is a Bittorrent client using C++ / libtorrent and a Qt4 Graphical User Interface. Its been under heavy development for a full year now and finally its maturing into one of the best torrent clients out there. I am … Continue reading

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svn:externals – Linking external libraries

Linking to libraries in your projects If you happen to use external libraries in your projects, you often find that you add the whole library into your project and commit it into your project repository. This ends up with a … Continue reading

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My Mandriva 2006 Repository is Live

I have put together a collection of RPMS which I have built for various projects I am involved with or was required by me. You can access these RPMS for Mandriva 2006 by executing the foolowing commad on the shell. … Continue reading

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Google earth for Linux has arrived

Those who have been patiently waiting for a Linux version of Google earth, it has finally arrived. The new release is a beta of Google Earth 4, slated to be the next major revision. The release notes indicate simplifications to … Continue reading

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Tip for Obtaining Application Dependencies

To check what all libraries is an application linked to, run the ldd tool (available on most Unices): ldd /usr/bin/qbittorrentThis should return you a list of libraries like: => (0xffffe000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7e98000) => /usr/lib/qt4/lib/ (0xb7e61000) … Continue reading

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CheckInstall to the Rescue

Ever built a Software which takes more than 8 hours to compile ? Well I had the opportunity to do so. I needed to build a project which was dependant on qt4.1.2 and there was no release for it being … Continue reading

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A program to extract Microsoft Cabinet files Cabinet (.CAB) files are a form of archive, which Microsoft use to distribute their software, and things like Windows Font Packs. The cabextract program unpacks these files. And why do I have this … Continue reading

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